Numbers poster with English rhymes 0-8 (A3)

385,00 kr

Numbers 0-8 drawn as faces with English rhymes, A3-poster. Every number contains details that reinforce the value and rhyme of each number. Ex. three drinks a lot of tea, and have three tea bags in its mouth.  

Locally printed in Grünerløkka (my hood) and can easily be delivered to your hood :) 

Rhymes 0-8: 

0 is a hero

1 loves the sun

2 is looking at you

3 drinks a lot of green tea

4 is Thor - the God of thunder who is hard core

5 feels so alive

6 uses a lot of tooth picks

7 is from heaven

8 is late 

A3 format (297mm X 420mm), 270gr thick quality paper, certified by EU-ecolabel and PFC.  

Posters will be delivered in a tube and if you're not 100% happy with your order, you can always regret it - Just drop me a line:) 

“Kids love numbers and rhymes! And these were very funny!” – Kinder garden teacher, survey about numbers with rhymes. 

“I have some weak students that would find these numbers fun. They love rhymes, so this would be a good way to try motivating them” – Primary teacher, survey about numbers with rhymes. 

“ Rhymes and rhythms help children to remember. These are also funny, which can create motivation” – Primary teacher, survey about numbers with rhymes.