Numbers poster with Norwegian rhymes 1-21 (A3)

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Number posters 1-9, 10-15 and 16-21 drawn as faces with Norwegian rhymes, A3-poster. Every number contains details that reinforce the value and rhyme of each number. Ex. three drinks a lot of tea, and have three tea bags in its mouth. Hand drawn and then digitalised in Illustrator. Handwriting is made by pupils from Nesheim Primary school.

Product also available through Vipps nr.87037 - Spurven Design.

Locally printed in Grünerløkka (my hood) and can easily be delivered to your hood :) 

“Kids love numbers and rhymes! And these were very funny!” – Kinder garden teacher, survey about numbers with rhymes. 

“I have some weak students that would find these numbers fun. They love rhymes, so this would be a good way to try motivating them” – Primary teacher, survey about numbers with rhymes. 

“ Rhymes and rhythms help children to remember. These are also funny, which can create motivation” – Primary teacher, survey about numbers with rhymes.

Rhymes in Norwegian:

Poster 1-9:

1 er pen

2 liker å glo

3 drikker mye te

4 må flire

5 trenger en klem

6 er en heks

7(sju) er slu, men 7(syv) er også en tyv

8 så nettopp en rotte

9 er politi

Poster 10-15:

10 går på ski

11 må skjelve

12 er faktisk to troll

13 er skikkelig gretten

14 tråkket nesten i lorten

15 er mer hardbanka enn sementen

Poster 16-21: 

16 - feis den?

17 - Hvem er den største bråkebøtten?

18 - Hvem har den fineste hatten?

19 - Hvem er den tøffeste banditten?

20 er en artig skrue

21 er aldri sen 

A3 format (297mm X 420mm), 270gr thick quality paper, certified by EU-ecolabel and PFC.  

Posters will be delivered in a tube and if you're not 100% happy with your order, you can always regret it - Just drop me a line:)